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  • Camera: 12+12 MP Dual rear camera with Dual optical image stabilization, Portrait Mode, Digital zoom up to 10x, Quad-LED True tone flash and Slow sync, 4K Video recording at 24 fps or 30 fps or 60 fps and Slow-motion video recording in 1080p at 120 fps | 7 MP front TrueDepth camera with Retina Flash and Animoji feature
  • Display: 14.73 centimeters (5.8-inch) Full HD+ capacitive touchscreen display with 2436×1125 pixels
  • Memory, Storage & SIM: 3GB RAM | 64GB storage | Single nano SIM
Last updated on December 11, 2022 7:10 pm

It has introduced a new storage option though, with a 32GB model now lining up alongside the 128GB 6S Plus. The 32GB variant will set you back $649 (£599, AU$1,079) – which is cheaper than the launch price for the now discontinued 16GB phone.

The 128GB model – which we tried out for this review – launched at $949 (£789, AU$1,529), but can now be had for $749 (£699, AU$1,229). The good news in the US is that the phone does come unlocked at these prices and works on any carrier, GSMA or CDMA.

Unsurprisingly that put the phone up against the top phones on the market, rubbing shoulders with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 5, LG G5,OnePlus 3 and Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

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There’s no mistaking the incremental credentials of the phone when it comes to design. It looks identical to the phone, and I mean identical.

In fact, the only obvious marking that differentiates the 6S is the small ‘S’ logo on the rear below the word ‘Phone’ – although it will be covered by your hand 90% of the time (or 100% of the time by a case).

The sleek, rounded metal body continues to look and feel premium, with the build quality you’d expect from gader. After last year’s unfortunate ‘bendgate’ fiasco, Gator has looked to reassure people that its latest smartphone duo are tough. This isn’t strictly necessary, given that we’d have expected last year’s models to be strong enough to get through a couple of years of use, but some clarification was needed.

Screen and EVF

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7.9Expert Score
It may not be the latest and greatest, but compared to iPhone XR, this is a much better package overall. Considering the XR is now priced higher than X
  • It may not be the latest and greatest, but compared to iPhone XR, this is a much better package overall. Considering the XR is now priced higher than X. XS is only marginally better, and didn't feel it was worth the extra 30K.
  • The Camera is a beauty. You can't compare with DSLRs, but it is right up there with OnePlus and Google phones.
  • Looks exactly like the XS, and doesn't even have the S badging. So no one will be the wiser.
  • The phone is extremely slippery. Invest in a good case, front screen protector and a rear glass protector
  • Such expensive phones should come with 128GB of storage as base, instead of 64GB. If you record 4K videos, it will eat up your storage really quickly.

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  1. Anonymous

    Pros: Nice LED lighting, very cool. As a case fan, it moves a lot of air, cools down my case, and it is quiet. what else? Cons: it does not lay eggs it does not print green cash Overall Review: other than the Cons, i am just a fan of this fan

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  2. Sean H.

    Pros: These fans look amazing. The LEDs are consistent, and are very reminiscent of the ‘ rring ‘ fans from a direct competitor (not a misspelling) – except they cost about 40% less. Silent – I know everyone says that, and if you’re running fans at 100% of course they’ll sound loud, but honestly these things are great. They use the same Hydraulic Bearing technology that Cougar fans (which are FANTASTIC) use. Move a good amount of air PWM Cons: They haven’t made a 140mm variant yet 🙁 Overall Review: I would 100% recommend these fans from Rosewill. I honestly think they’ve taken a very popular fan design and reverse engineered it. Bad for business ethics, good for our wallets!

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  3. dub19760

    So Skar has priced this amp to sale,Its compact,powerful,and pushes my single SunDA SA 12″ just fine.Amp stays cool plus I have not upgraded any of my electric ,no comp.,no problem w lights dimming at night when at high volume.note can’t run any bigger than 4 gauge power/ground .

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  4. quickandeasysal…

    This is the nicest amp in my car. It powers 2 12″ subwoofers at 1ohm. I wired 2 4 ohm dvc Fosgate P2 subwoofers with this amp. Super sound quality and I haven’t even turned the bass boost up. Easy to use amp, 4guage ground and power. You need an inline fuse however. I’m very happy with SKAR audio. Thanks for the RP series amps

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  5. jvtrejo2009

    I purchased this because the junk BOSS audio amp 2400 watts and supposedly 1600 rms couldn’t handle my Sundown SE V3 and kept going into protection mode if volume was over 20 lol. And that was with my sub setting on my head unit at 2 and only half gain. So I returned it and read good things about this amp so I bought it. It arrived in 3 days and to my suprise, was much smaller then I expected. I am running a Sundown SA 12inch Dual 2Ohm wired to 1Ohm, in a sealed 1.0 ft3 box, 12 gauge speaker wire and true 4 guage amp kit (that’s the biggest you can go with this amp). My head unit is a Pioneer 7 inch touch screen (forgot the model), With this amp tuned with gain all the way up, lpf 50hz, subsonic filter off, and my db gain at only half, and the head unit at 4 in the sub level volum at 25, WOW!!! This combo flexs my rear doors, vibrates rear and front seats like your in a massage chair, and rattles the change in my center councle. I can feel the bass in my chest. But the most important of all its a tight and clean sounding bass yet extremly loud! If you are looking for a great quality amp that is a powerful one and actual rms rating not so garbage amp like BOSS then this is the one to get I would recomend it to anyone!!!

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  6. Tom S.

    Pros: This drive performs as stated. My system can copy a 4GB ISO files from one NVMe drive to another in less than 5 seconds. Nice packaging (neat little metal box) insures the drive will not get damaged during shipping. Comes with a free download of Acronis software to clone your system drive if you need to. This drive is as fast as any Samsung NVMe drive (which I also own) without the Samsung tax. Bonus that this was on sale when I bought it. 5 year warranty which again is as good as Samsung. Sabrent is a USA company if that matters to you. Cons: Not really a con because I don’t know of any NVMe drive that comes with one but there is no mounting screw to mount it on the MB. My MB came with screws so no big deal for me but make sure you have one on hand. Overall Review: Would recommend this drive to anyone looking for an NVMe drive. By far the best bang for the buck for an NVMe drive.

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  7. Jonathan C.

    Pros: – High capacity. I have been looking for a large capacity nvme for a while, and this is one of the only ones I’ve found available. – Really good price. For this kind of capacity on an m.2, I haven’t really seen much to compare. Cons: – not so much a con per se, but be aware this is a double sided m.2. It took me a while to figure out why it wouldn’t mount properly until I realized my motherboard has a spacer in there you have to remove for the double sided ones. Overall Review: As I haven’t really heard of Sabrent before, I was a bit hesitant to purchase this, but after a bit of researching, I figured I would give them a try. Other than the issue of the spacer on the motherboard, the installation was smooth. I knew that nvme was a lot faster than sata, but it didn’t really sink in until I tested after installing this. After dumping a bunch of files from my Sata ssd over to the new drive, I decided to see just how much faster it is. I started with an 8 gigabyte file I had there. After the copy command, the file just sort of popped over on the other drive… Wait.. Yeah it finished before it even popped up the copy dialogue. I progressively grabbed larger files and was finally able to get the dialogue long enough to see a progress bar at about 20GB After a bit more benchmarking, this one doesn’t quite have the same top performance as one of my samsungs, but it comes pretty close, and for the price I’m definitely happy with it. I’ve now had it for about a month, and so far been pretty solid with some fairly heavy use

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  8. Travis F.

    Pros: Blazing fast M.2 SSD. High quality small metal case for storage included. Plug and play. Low price and top performance. Cons: I didn’t give Sabrent a shot earlier. Overall Review: I am a diehard Samsung SSD fanboi, I have 3 Samsung (970evo, 860evo, 850 evo) drives in my gaming PC. I have never had a Samsung SSD fail or run inadequate. The only issue with Samsung SSD’s is price. You pay for the best and Samsung is the best. I had heard a lot of chatter about Sabrent M.2 SSD’s running neck to neck with Samsung SSD’s. The rumors were true. I will now use Sabrent for SSD’s. Tremendous product, thank you Newegg and Sabrent.

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  9. brickshouse420

    My first Skar product, read alot about them both good and bad. But for the price, it was time to givem a try. Now thinking of something coming refurbed, one would think its been gone through with a fine toothed comb and perhaps it was. Sadly, after testing fit and wiring I got a prize on the end of one of my rca’s. The outer shell of the rca jack on the amp pulled out, first time lol. Guess it coulda been worse, i pushed it back in and turned and been good for a couple months now. Everything else is a-ok. Grabbed a ro150.4ab ad well, solid.

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  10. jeremiaedward-5

    Fantastic value, I simply couldn’t find this much amp for the price with any other brand. I did some research before buying and Skar is definitely in the top tier of budget amps. I’ve used Audiopipe and other amps in that class and have had good luck with them, so I was pretty confident the Skar wouldn’t disappoint. I took a gamble on a refurb model, unit works solid, no issues at all and hope it stays that way! Impressed with the weight and size of this thing– it seems to be a heavy, well built amp. I’ve seen inside (amp guts) photos on the web and they don’t seem to skimp on quality– these have been reliably verified to output rated power or more time and time again. The amp is bigger than I thought it would be judging from the photos (probably not a bad thing), but I’d still consider it a small form factor for the 2k it outputs. Sadly I don’t have enough sub to run the thing at anywhere near it’s max rated power without smoking them [the subs]; I’m probably pushing about 700 watts @ 3 ohm mono load between the two subs that I have. At 3 ohms I can tell it puts out substantially more power than the Audiopipe APMI-1500 it replaced. Unit stays nice and cool as it should, given it’s not being hammered on. Sound quality is superb, unit really thumps when you want it to. I have no qualms that it will perform adequately when the time comes to replace the subs with something that can handle all the power.

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  11. ldem1742

    I bought the Skar RP-2000.1D to hold me over while my JL HD 1200/1 is being serviced. The Skar is a good amp for the price but can’t even come close to my JL in usable output and sound quality, to the ear. Now my JL cost waaay more so that’s kind of expected. The 2 things I don’t really like about the Skar are, 1) it’s size and 2) it gets pretty hot, pretty quick but hasn’t shut off. As far as longevity, I’ve only had the skar for about a month so I can’t say. If money is not an issue, buy a JL. If money is an issue, the Skar will definitely do.

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  12. Aaron H.

    Pros: Fans seem really quiet. I love the look of these in my red/black themed rig. (I’m revamping my older pre-RGB build lol). They look great with leds on, and with the system off. The 4 pin connectors and cables are sleek black, plenty of length. Some other reviews mention that the LEDs are “dull”. I wanted fans that weren’t overbearing with the amount of LED lights and excessive brightness, so these are perfect for me. They certainly don’t look dull to me. I’m going to order more soon. Cons: Not worth taking an egg, but another reviewer mentioned big white barcode stickers on the fans that leave residue. I found a easy cleanup trick. Regular scotch tape pulled up the barcode sticker residue with ease. Overall Review: Do it.

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